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Ambien cr and Ambien Cr Generic are drugs which are prescribed for the treatment of insomnia in people who have severe problems in falling asleep over a prolonged period of time.

This sleep drug contains Zolpidem, an active ingredient which improves the inhibitory signals in the brain, cuts down on sleep latency and increases sleep duration. It is available in 2 popular forms –

  • Ambien cr
  • Ambien cr generic

Ambien cr is a controlled release verison of the original Ambien drug and is approved by the FDA of the United States of America to thwart and treat insomnia.

Fit for both short and long term use, this drug has proved its mettle in bringing restful sleep to the eyelids of many who have been consistently suffering from sleeplessness over a considerable period of time.

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Ambien generic stores the same advantages as the cr version of the drug and is equally effective and beneficial for use. It is readily available online and can be obtained at much cheaper a price than the latter.

The drug has got no significant side effects when used for short term in the treatment of sleeplessness. However, following the instructions is extremely crucial since over-dose or inappropriate use can spur serious complications in users.

Ambien generic comes with strength of 6.25 mg and the FDA has endowed an “AB” rating on this product, which means that the generic version has the same quality and effectiveness as the brand drug.

All generic drugs need to undergo certain examinations to compare their efficacy with the branded medications.

The results are then scrutinized by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), which then makes a comparative analysis between the two to determine whether the quality is the same as the branded version of the medicine.

Successively it assigns a rating to the drug. An “AB” means that the FDA finds it efficacy similar to that of the branded drug. Ambien generic cr has got this rating to its credit and it primarily means that its quality is equivalent to Ambien cr.

This seems to be good news for all those who are losing sleep over sleeplessness. The generic version of Ambien is now available online, at highly discounted rates and can be safely used as per instructions for 7-10 days to regularize the sleeping pattern.

The uniqueness of the drug is seen in the difference that it has with the other insomnia treatment medications available in the market. While most of the other branded and generic pills in this line only induces sleep in the patient, this one does not only help one in getting peaceful sleep but also helps the body to fall into a regular sleeping pattern and maintain it in the long run.

Taking Ambien before hitting your bed can help you to have a sound sleep and wake up restful and energized.

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